Raphaël GILARDINO was born in Monaco in 1963 from a family of furniture manufacturers, it is naturally towards the 80’s that he turns towards the decorative arts and the applied arts.

After 2 years in the service of Architect and interior designer he created the agency CRAI in 1991 to develop a clean style and a vision of projects more général.

Approving in his creation drawing, image, and the writting, he will develop a privileged relation with his customers.

He will be notably the laureate of the Monégasque pavillon at the universal exhibition of HANOVER.

Past Président of the syndicate of interior architects of the PACA région he will be appointed administrator of the french council of interior Architects 4 times and is a memeber of the européen Council of interior architects since 1998.

Former lecturer at the school af applied arts, he is also an expert in the courts of the Principality of Monaco.